P1.923 Indoor Rental LED 400×300mm

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İç Mekan Rental Led Ekran

Indoor rental led displays are featured with high definition, wide viewing angle and extremely close viewing distance to meet the needs of indoor use. While a thin, lightweight design for these LED video wall modules make for quick, convenient setup and package. All are for making perfect solution of hotel conference, wedding banquet, stage background, high-end summit, commercial promotion and exhibition. Click here to see more successful cases.

Seamless display and visual effects

The advanced assembled structure produces seamless display and visual effects, offering you the perfect visual performance you desire from your LED display. The picture quality remains high due to best quality display material.


Seamless Splice

The Ultra HD LED Display can be installed within minutes, without any special tools. You may configure the Military Level LED Display as per your requirements and choice. Adjust the brightness, gray scale and picture quality as per your choice. Advanced adjustment options allow you to set up the display as per the environment conditions and area of installation


Perfect Brightness and Chromaticity Calibration

Perfect calibration between brightness and chromaticity delivers best picture quality at every place. The brightness difference is set to less than 2%, and chromaticity difference is less than 0.005. You may also adjust the brightness and chromaticity as per your choice.


Removing Ghost Images

Ghost images are a common problem with ordinary LED displays. Our Military Level LED Display is known for offering best quality picture and it removes the ghost images to offer a clearer picture. It's uses driver ICs with inbuilt functions to remove the ghost effects and blur from pictures, leaving behind crystal clear pictures and videos.


Yüksek Çözünürlük

Ultra HD LED ekranları en son teknoloji ile üretilmiş olup tarama özelliği olan ve yüksek parlaklıkla birlikte en yüksek çözünürlüğü vermektedir.1000Hz ile tazelemek ve çözünürlüğü destekler bu da en kalteli resimleri,videoları ve yazıları vermektedir.


Sıkı Ömür Testi

Tüm ürünler sıkı bir ömür testine tabi tutulur. 72 saat yaşlandırma testi, lamba, loş ışık, renk farkı ve mozaik kullanılmadan yapılır. Ürün ömür testinden geçerse, sizin için en iyi kalitenin sağlandığından emin olarak piyasaya sürülür.

Pixel Pitch 1.923mm
Pixels Density 284444dots/sqm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Package Mode SMD 3IN1 -1010
Chip Parameters Red (620-625nm) IV:(18-30mcd)
Chip Parameters Green (516-530nm) IV:(50-75mcd)
Chip Parameters Blue (465-475nm) IV:(6.5-9.5mcd)
Module Size(W*H*D) 120*120*17mm
Module Weight 0.6kg
Module Resolution(W*H) 64*64dots
Module Max Power 25W
Drive Type Constant drive
Scan Mode 1/32scan
Port Type HUB75E
Brightness of White Balance >1200cd/sqm
Cabinet Dimension(W*H*D) 480*480*85mm
Cabinets Material Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet
Cabinet Weight 18kg
Module Quanty /Cabinet 4×4=16(Pcs)
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) 256×256=65536(Dots)
Power Supply 5V/60A*1 pcs
Thermal Discharge fan 1pcs
Best Viewing Distance 2m-10m
Best Viewing Angle 140°(W) 120°(H)
Temperature storage:-35oC-85oC; working:-20oC-50oC
Relative Humidity 10%-95%
Working Voltage AC220V±10%
Average Power Consumption 300W/sqm
Max.Power Consumption 900W/sqm
Current <20mA(single LED)
CPU Pentium4 or above P4
Operation System Microsoft Windows 10 ,Windows 7 and XP
Control Method Synchronization
Driving Device Constant drive IC
Refresh Frequency >600HZ
Color Grayscale / Gray Scale per Color 16 bit / 65536 level
Life-span 50000 hours
MTBF >10000hours
Power Switch Automatic switch
Display Mode >800*600/1024*768
Protection Level(front/back) IP31/IP54
Software Nova Studio 
Language Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese,German ,Russian
Certificate CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001, TUV