Get A LED Solution Custom Made To You

LED screens are soaring in popularity. Advancements in technology combined with lowering costs have made LED more attractive to the consumer. Pixel pitches have grown tighter making resolution better. Prices have gone down making LED screens more competitive with LCD alternatives. The modular nature of LED screens allow for custom shapes and sizes. Even curved LED panels and custom 3D shapes are available now for comparatively low prices.

As LED screens increase in popularity, LED companies increase in popularity. Be careful, not all LED companies are alike. Price point is not the only thing one should consider when buying a LED video display. Quality, longevity, service, and responsiveness are important factors as well.

LED GARANTi Provides Custom Solutions

Many companies and integrators offer custom solutions, but LED GARANTi really takes the time to work with the customer based on customer needs and budget. LED GARANTi has the experience, the creativity, and the customer care to really deliver a stellar product that fits any situation perfectly.

LED GARANTi Provides Custom Service

LED GARANTi understands that not all projects or organizations are the same. Therefore not all projects or organizations require the same kind of support. LED GARANTi is willing to train technicians on site enabling the organization's technicians to do some of the regular maintenance repairs themselves, saving the customer both time and money. LED GARANTi is also available to offer support over the phone. Of course, LED GARANTi technicians are available to step in when needed.

Our team is ready to go anywhere in the all over the turkey, where an LED screen is needed. LED GARANTi has built screens in almost every city and state and welcomes the opportunity to do so again.