Creative LED Screens More Expensive, WHY?

Customers who have just entered the LED shaped screen industry have such a big doubt: Why is the price difference between the P4 (P5 or other) creative screens so large? Why are the same size wave screens, the price of P3, P2.5 is much higher than that of P4, so that it is unacceptable? Let us discuss the factors that affect the price of LED shaped screens.

The first is the dot pitch of the creative LED screen material. The higher the material price of the smaller pitch, the better the display effect will be. Such as P3 material (so-called P3 refers to the distance between the led lamp and the lamp is 3mm, the same area of the LED display, the smaller the dot spacing, the greater the density of the led lamp of the LED display, P4, P5, etc.) The price is obvious more expensive than P4 or P5.

Secondly, if it needs to waterproof. Under normal circumstances, the indoor LED display design has already met the daily waterproof demand, but the outdoor LED must be subjected to special waterproof treatment, and the price of waterproof treatment is not cheap, which is also an important factor affecting the price.

At the same time, there are creative screen customization difficulties and whether the solution needs to be re-opened. If the manufacturer has not previously produced this type of product, it is often necessary to design the production plan from the beginning, which increases the production cost. What's more, the difficulty of the customized solution and the complexity of the project are also factors that cannot be ignored in the quotation, such as the wave LED screen price of P2.5 is 2 times or more than P4 or P5.

Finally, there are also the customizations amount of creative LED screen. Products with a small amount of material and custom-made products tend to have a high unit price, and even some manufacturers are reluctant to accept orders of this type. Because of such orders, manufacturers often need to arrange production specifically, and because the amount is small, but the complexity of the project is no different from the general scheme, the manufacturers cannot obtain scale benefits, and their own costs are high, resulting in high quotations.