LED Video Displays For The Airport & Transportation Industry

LED Video Displays Can Be Built To Fit Unique Architectural Needs

Traditional tiled LCD displays generally leave the consumer confined to a 16:9 ratio. The consumer or integrator pick a certain set of dimensions and multiple LCD displays are purchased and jutted against one another to create a large tiled display. These limited dimension options leave little room for creativity. Furthermore, this tiling process creates seams or bezels that interrupt content. These bezels have become smaller over time, but are unmistakable. Finally, the individuals, integrators, or staff members managing the tiled LCD displays must constantly be on the lookout for coloration issues between displays, making tiny frequent adjustments to ensure color uniformity between screens.

By contrast, LED panels are modular in nature. They fit together to create seamless LED Video Displays. Modular LED panels can be built into long ribbon displays, flat, curved, wrapped around a wall or column, and used to create three-dimensional shapes. The possibilities are endless.

Keep Your Passengers In The Know

LED Video Displays can be dynamically updated to communicate delays, announce time changes, promote sales, display weather conditions, and convey any number of custom messages.

Traditional displays typically allow for only one video signal, or message, to be displayed. LED GARANTi’s seamless LED video displays can display multiple signals and sources within various user-defined zones. Content can be scaled and displayed across a single screen or split up and displayed across multiple screens. An LED video display specialist can discuss your content needs and find the optimum LED Video Display solution for you. Communicate your message in a way that is dynamic, engaging, and impactful.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

David Maister, author of Psychology of Waiting Lines states that “Occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time.” Give your passengers something new and fun to look at. Engage them or even surprise them a little. Sure, passengers have their cell phones at their fingertips, but they would certainly appreciate new and engaging content from you. According to screen.cloud.com, 20% of your audience will engage with printed content, while 80% of your audience is likely to engage with video content. You wouldn’t invite a guest over to your house just to sit in your living room. Why would you let your passenger’s just sit in your lobby? Give them the option of viewing exciting and engaging content provided by you.

Use LED Video Display to Drive Sales

According to screen.cloud.com, 8/10 customers have entered a store because a digital display caught their attention, and 40% of shoppers say digital displays that provide relevant information near the point of purchase can alter their purchase decisions.

An LED Video display can serve multiple purposes simultaneously - display schedule information, promote your loyalty program, and show special offerings. You can even sell ad space, creating an additional revenue stream.