Seven Tips to Improve the Heat Dissipation of LED Display

In practical applications, improving the heat dissipation of the LED display not only effectively improves the efficiency of the heat dissipation of the LED display, but also achieves the effect of saving power, and is more conducive to improving the service life of the LED display.

1. The fan dissipates heat, and the inside of the lamp housing uses a long-life and high-efficiency fan to enhance heat dissipation. The method has low cost and good effect.

2. Using aluminum radiator fins, this is the most common way to dissipate heat, using aluminum fins as part of the enclosure to increase heat dissipation.

3. Air hydrodynamics, using the shape of the lamp envelope, creates convective air, which is the lowest cost way to enhance heat dissipation.

4. The surface radiation is heat-dissipated, and the surface of the lamp shell is radiated and heat-dissipated. The simpler method is to apply the radiation heat-dissipating paint, and the heat can be radiated away from the surface of the lamp housing.

5. Heat conduction and heat dissipation integration--the application of high thermal conductivity ceramics, the purpose of heat dissipation of the lamp housing is to reduce the working temperature of the LED high-definition display chip. Since the expansion coefficient of the LED chip and our common metal heat conduction and heat dissipation material expansion coefficient are very different, we cannot solder directly the LED chip to prevent high and low temperature thermal stress from damaging the chip of the LED display.

6. The heat pipe is cooled, and the heat pipe technology is used to guide the heat from the LED display chip to the heat sink fin of the casing.

7. The heat-conductive plastic shell is filled with a heat-conducting material when the plastic shell is injection-molded, thereby increasing the heat-conducting and heat-dissipating ability of the plastic shell.

It can be seen that the maturity and progress of the led display cooling technology will be conducive to its conservation and environmental protection concept. LED display manufacturers in the LED display production, there are many ways to improve the heat dissipation of LED display. There are different considerations depending on the power level and the place of use when dissipating heat.