Create an immersive experience space with high-definition LED screen

As we know, the COB (Chip-on-board) display has the advantages of super-high contrast, higher brightness, and a wider color gamut.

In the process of developing from small pitch to micro pitch display, the original SMD package has been difficult to break through the limitation of smaller dot pitch, and it is also difficult to guarantee higher reliability and protection. Micro pitch display requires COB technology to support the development of micro pitch display whose pixel pitch is less than P1.0mm.

The COB display adopts the flip-chip packaging process, which has a shorter heat dissipation path and is more conducive to heat conduction compared with the normal SMD technology display.

With the continuous maturity of COB surface treatment technology and chip mixing technology, LED display products using flip-chip chips smaller than 100 microns will be more promising display products in the future.

P0.9 COB Mini/Micro LED Display is a mature product, that has been mass-produced

In 2019, the mass production capacity of displays below P0.9 is still relatively limited. On the one hand, the market demand is relatively limited, and the supporting capacity of the industrial chain is also insufficient.

By 2021, with the advancement of packaging technology, the improvement of efficiency, and the rapid cost reduction of LED chips, etc., the demand for products below P1.0 will gradually become a popular market, and Mini LED products will also penetrate the high-end market to the mid-to-high-end market, from professional display to the commercial display and then to the civilian field, it has changed step by step.

By 2022, in terms of packaging form, whether it is COB, four-in-one, or two-in-one, it is not a problem for the supply of P0.9mm diode devices, and both production capacity and yield can be guaranteed.

However, due to price factors, from the current small-pitch market, the product market of P0.9 is still relatively concentrated in some conferences, command and monitoring room projects of the government or large state-owned enterprises, and P1.2-P1.5 are still the mainstream of the small-pitch market. .

But this situation is improving, and the application scenarios of P0.9 Mini direct display products are constantly expanding.