LCD dinamik aralığını zorlayan Mini LED arka panelleri

Led Garanti announced it has developed a series of mini LED backlights and displays including a thin mini LED panel for panel backlighting, a mini RGB LED package for small-pitch display billboards, and a next-generation UFP (Ultra Fine Pitch) I-Mini RGB display module which aims to push the limit of display resolution up again.

The company’s 32-inch mini LEDs divide the backlight into 384 control areas for high, dynamic contrast of HDR 1000 nits. The company says that the unique wide color gamut of its field LED technology enables panel color performance to reach above 95% of the NTSC color gamut. The product is already shipping in volume and is currently used in sports venue displays and high-end graphics displays.

In addition, another 15.6″ Mini LED backlight product employs an advanced version of thin Mini LED panel, which divides the LED backlight into 240 control areas. Using a special optical configuration allows the panel to be greatly thinned for a much thinner mixed light area (OD) of less than 0.5 mm.