The budgets for colleges and universities are tighter than ever and administrators are feeling the pinch. On the surface, it can sometimes be hard to justify the outlay for a dynamic LED display. However, when used properly and in the right environments, LED displays actually generate the revenue to not only pay for themselves, but also to help fund other essential campus activities. Let’s take a look at some ways to monetize LED displays in higher-education institutions.

Attract the Best and Brightest

Today’s teens have grown up using digital displays each and every day. So when prospective students visit your campus, they will be looking for advanced digital displays as a sign that your school is on the cutting-edge of technology. Digital signage and video walls placed in key locations can be used for wayfaring, to highlight campus facilities and events, and to share positive social media posts. And since digital displays are fully customizable, you can even welcome the day’s visitors by name. It all adds up to a “wow factor” that will help sway potential students who may be on the fence as to where they’ll be spending their tuition dollars.

Expand the Reach of the Classroom

Video walls in a classroom or lecture hall can help bring dry lessons to life. In addition, interactive video walls encourage active learning and collaboration between students and faculty. A connected classroom allows students to easily interact with business leaders and subject matter experts from across the globe. It also allows your school to improve student retention by offering innovative, specialized courses of study and individualized degree programs without the economic burden of hiring additional faculty. Finally, with an interactive video display, you can extend your institution’s reach by seamlessly offering courses in remote locations, reaching a wider paying audience.

Increase Revenue by Being a Good Sport

It’s no secret that top-tier college football and basketball programs generate hundreds of millions of dollars for their schools each year. One of the ways they do this is with paid advertising on gigantic outdoor stadium displays, video walls in common areas, and digital scoreboards. But even smaller digital displays can be used to generate significant advertising revenue and highlight merchandise and concessions. You can also encourage social media sharing that raises your school’s profile and creates engagement among alumni–leading to increased donations to your athletic programs.

Create Engaging Marketing Messages

Your school likely creates many high-quality marketing messages for use on local television stations, during televised events, and on your website. Add that content to your digital signage content rotation in gathering places to build school pride and help ensure that students continue to pursue their education at your institution. At your dining hall and food stands, digital signs can be used to increase revenue by advertising your most popular and high-profit items and assist customers in making quick decisions. Additionally, your student union, the campus bookstore and on-campus vendors might want to provide information about special sales, book buyback dates, and other offers for students and faculty.

LED GARANTİ® Can Help School You in LED Display Solutions

LED GARANTİ® offers a wide variety of award-winning LED displays in virtually every size and shape including indoor, outdoor, and curvable configurations. Our LED display systems are seamless, providing clear and detailed imaging. Whether you are looking to create dynamic learning environments, generate revenue, or foster recruitment, LED GARANTİ® LED is the answer.