How to Calculate the Best and Most Far Viewing Distance of LED Screen?

In recent years, LED screen is a hot new media technology. Compared with other display technologies such as LCD screens and projections, LED screens have the advantages of bright colors, stable display, long service life and wide viewing range, and they are used and development in commercial advertising, intelligent monitoring, high-end conferences, command centers, etc. For the user, the viewing distance of the LED screen (ie, line of sight) is very important, which affects the spread of the advertisement and the viewing angle of the user. So, how should the best and farthest viewing distance of the LED screen be calculated?

To understand the calculation method of the LED display line of sight after understanding the dot spacing of the LED display. The dot pitch of the LED display refers to the center distance between each pixel point in the LED display screen and each adjacent pixel point. The dot pitch is usually expressed by P, which is calculated in mm, and P10 represents the LED display has a pixel pitch of 10mm. In general, the calculation formula for calculating the best and farthest viewing distance of the LED display in the industry is as follows:

RGB color mixing distance three colors mixed into a single color distance: full color LED screen sight distance = pixel point spacing (mm) × 500 ~ pixel point spacing (mm) × 1000

The minimum viewing distance (The LED display can display the distance of the smooth image): LED display visible distance = pixel pitch (mm) × 1000   

The most suitable viewing distance (The viewer can see the distance of the high-definition picture): the best viewing distance of the LED display = pixel spacing (mm) × 3000 ~ pixel spacing (mm) × 1000

The farthest viewing distance: LED screen farthest viewing distance = height of screen (m) × 30