Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying A LED Screen

Considering Renting/Purchasing A LED Video Wall?

Go for it. As with other digital technologies, LED video wall technology continues to grow more impressive as costs become less intimidating. LED video walls are engaging, dynamic, and versatile. Read Seamless LED Displays Offer Many Advantages Over Older Technology to learn just how a LED video wall can give you the "wow" factor you are looking for.

As you get ready to embark on your LED journey, we suggest you be on the alert for 3 common pitfalls. We suggest you buy the product you need, not the buzz. Look for a LED partner, not a LED supplier. Buy for the future, not just for today.


Don’t Buy The Buzz | Buy A Solution

Trade shows are fun, sales pitches are nice, and new products are exciting. While Neoti always works to stay on the forefront of technology, we encourage you to buy the product that is right for you and your situation. Just because the biggest and best is available, doesn’t mean it fits your situation. If your audience is going to be several feet away, then going too fine with your pixel pitch may not be necessary. Content also plays a role in selecting the ideal LED video wall solution. If high quality videos are going to be displayed on your LED video board, UHD will deliver exceptional quality. If the LED Video Board is going to exclusively display simple logos or large numbers/text, a lower resolution screen may fit the bill just fine. Pick the LED solution that is right for your space, your needs, and your content.


Don’t Look For A Supplier | Look For A Partner

Buying a LED video wall is more than just buying LED panels. Installation and rigging must be considered. Quality of the LED video display panel itself is important. Does the company you’re buying from pay close attention to quality and control? Will they be there before, during, and after the project? At Neoti, we are involved in the manufacturing at a component level taking great care in quality and control for every step of the process.

We don't stop at exceptional products. At Neoti we pride ourselves on responsiveness to our customers' needs. We work to find the solution that is best for the customer from manufacturing through installation and beyond. Do you have a preferred integrator? Great. Do you need Neoti to do all of the planning and installing? Awesome. Neoti is happy to help. Our goal isn't to just make a sale, Neoti strives to be a trustworthy longterm LED partner.


Don’t Buy LED For Today | Buy A Lasting LED Solution

A quality LED screen generally holds up reliably over time, but even with the best screens and the best environments the unexpected can occur. Often, with our competitors people have to send broken LED panels overseas and wait for months to have product returned to them. At Neoti, we seek to do better than that. We have a centrally based US Service & Repair center. Frequently customers can ship broken LED products to us, we can repair them, and the panels can be shipped back in a matter of weeks - not months. Neoti can also travel to your location (within the continental US) or even troubleshoot with your tech professionals via phone. Not only does Neoti service and repair all Neoti brand products, but we service products from other major manufacturers as well.