P4 Indoor Advertising Player 576×2100mm

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Mağaza Bilboard Led Ekran

Engage people with advertising content at eye level as they walk through your shop. The fascinating appearance of LED displays makes advertising attractive. Plug-on and play function is very suitable for chain store, hotel, shopping mall etc. See our cases to find one that best suits your needs and budget.

PH4 Indoor LED Advertising Player

Floor standing type for indoor using, ultra-thin and light cell phone shape design. A perfect match for indoor advertising and can also be used at bank, store, airport, hotel, station, summit, theatre and other indoor areas. 


LED advertising display

Pixel pitch: 4mm Pixel configuration: SMD Brightness: over 2000cd/㎡ Refresh rate: over 1000Hz Drive mode: 1/16 Scan Panel dimension: 768×1792mm 


Attractive iPhone Shape - Lighter and Thinner

It features a beautiful iPhone shape measuring 850mm, 2100mm and 100mm in length, height and width respectively. It's lighter than traditional advertising players which make it easy to transport and install. 


Easy to Operate - Plug and Play

It's very easy to operate - just plug it into any device and play. Supports a wide range of devices. The integrated design has everything in-built like, control card and power supply. Plug and play is very convenient to use.


Resimlerinizde Her Detayı Sağlayın

Ürünlerimizin en ince detayına kadar uzun zaman ayırıp çalışmaktayız,bu sayede koyduğunuz resimlere bakmaktan keyif alcaksınız.Mükemmel pixel ile resimlerinize bakmaktan zevk alcaksınız,buda demek oluyor ki resimlerde,video ve ya yazılarınızda en ince detaya kadar görebilceksiniz.


Sıkı Ömür Testi

Tüm ürünler sıkı bir ömür testine tabi tutulur. 72 saat yaşlandırma testi, lamba, loş ışık, renk farkı ve mozaik kullanılmadan yapılır. Ürün ömür testinden geçerse, sizin için en iyi kalitenin sağlandığından emin olarak piyasaya sürülür.


Everything is Under Control

Connect your advertising player by 3G, Wi-Fi or network cable and control many different devices. Remain in full control with its unique controlling features and powerful remote control. Work at home with utmost ease and convenience. 


Multipurpose and Multifunction

The display can be used at different places and can serve different purposes. Starting from a private club reception to hotel lobby and shops, it can be installed anywhere. It can be used for advertising purpose and for entertainment purpose.

LED Lamp
Type SMD2121 black body
Brand Kinglight
Arrangement 1R1G1B
Chip parameters Red (620-625nm) IV:(250-300mcd )
Chip parameters Green (520-525nm) IV:(450-550mcd)
Chip parameters Blue (470-475nm) IV:(100-120mcd)
LED Module
Pixel Pitch 4mm
Module Size 256×128mm
Module Resolution 64×32=2048(Dots)
Module Weight 0.23kg
LED Cabinet
Display Dimension(W*H) 768×1792mm
The entire screen size(W*H*D) 850×2100×100mm
Resolution W*H(dots/set) 192×448
Base Size(W*H*D) 850×600×100mm
The entire screen resolution 86016dots
Frame Frequency no less than 60 frame/sec
Cabinets Material Steel
Input Voltage AC110-220V±10%,50/60Hz
Cabinet Weight 110kg
Output Voltage DC-5V,40A/60A/80A
Brightness ≥1300cd/㎡
Color Grayscale 16bit
Gray Scale per Color 65536 level
Viewing Angle 140(Horizontal),140(Vertical)
Color Processing R(1024)×G(1024)×B(1024)
Nearest Viewing Distance 5m
Brightness Adjustment 256 color levels,can be adjusted manually and automatically optional
Total Power Consumption (Max) 1100W/H
MTBF( mean time between failures) 5000 hours
Total Power Consumption (Average) 300W/H
Life-span 100,000 hours
Display Function Text,Graphics,Video
Protection Level(front/back) IP65/IP43
Refresh Rate ≥1000Hz
Malfunction Dot Rate less than 0.0001
Working Temperature -15℃~50℃
Drive Mode/Driver Position Constant driving 1/16 Scan,Combined diver board
Humidity 15%~85%
Control System
Control Mode Synchronization/Asynchronization
Input Signal AVI/MPG/MPEG/TXT.etc
Control System Sending Card, Receiving Card,Receiving HUB
PC Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 ,Windows 7 and XP
Software Led show  
Communication Type WIFI, Net cable,3G(Sold separately)
Language Chinese,English
Certificate CE,ROHS,FCC,ISO9001,TUV
Control Card Input RJ45,HDMI,USB

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