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Full color display makes more outstanding advertising effect

SMD outdoor HD full color door head led screen features with excellent waterproof performance, front maintain and can be arbitrary splicing. Upgrade the entire level of the install places and also help to create better advertising effectiveness.


Perfect image

High precision optical design of LED create wide viewing angel and color uniformity which also insure perfect video picture can be presented in any viewing angle.


Superior manufacture materials Specialized production

Ultra-lightweight die casting aluminum cabinet adopted quick lock system ensure fast installation and easy to transportation.


Big brand component Stable performance

High quality MBI diver IC, stable system controller of LISTEN and advanced encapsulation equipment ensure the quality and life span of product.


Easy to operate Various playing function

Easy to operate software and support playing colorful words, animation background and FLASH clock display etc. Asynchronous and synchronous control system change easily.


High protection rate Safe and secure

IP65 waterproof and dustproof suitable for outdoor use and save the cost of maintain.


Big brand power supply

Switching power supply offered by famous brand CZCL features with high stability, low temperature and long life span.


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